Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This is the time that Resolutions are being made or already made and broken (ha ha ha).  I have decided this is going to be the year that I mix up my reading.  I have found a lot of Christian authors on Facebook and their blogs that are willing to advance a copy of a new novel for reviews.   I have won several and been sent several copies from authors and have made a resolution to read them this year.

Here is where the mixing it up comes in since getting an ereader I have read lots of books.  I have paperback books that I have not read yet too, because I enjoy my ereader so much.   I have resolved this year that I will read these paperback books along with my ebooks too.

Please check me out on Goodreads for novels and reviews that I have read that are really great reads.

I am currently reading The Heiress of Winterwood by Sarah Ladd.   I received this book free from Thomas Nelson publishing as a giveaway.   I have also waiting to be read The Headmistress of Rosemere by Sarah Ladd it is book two in Whispers of The Moor Series.   I am loving this new to me era with castles, mysteries and love stories.  I will be reviewing both of these novels on Goodreads and my blog too.

If you have any book suggestions, please post them in the comments section of this blog,

Coffee News:  YES!  It is official Prattville has a stand alone Starbucks Coffee Shop and now I can use my rewards and don't have to drive all the way to Montgomery to use them.   I will still visit the other Coffee Shops in my area too and continue to support the small businesses in my area.

Have a great and blessed week!