Wednesday, February 26, 2014


     Have you ever came to an impasse with your reading?   Do you ever find yourself with so many books; new books by your favorite authors and new to you authors just waiting to be discovered?   You go to your bookshelf pick up a book and it does not grab your attention, you go to your local library and spend hours browsing through the shelves looking for the newest and latest read, but nothing grabs your attention.  You even go to your favorite bookstore and again nothing and to make matters worse you go to your ereader with thousands of books and still nothing grabs your attention.

    This was me last week.  I was at a total impasse on my reading to the point that I was not going to read for a while and do other things.  I started talk books with someone and they made a suggestion of reading the book Demon:  A Memoir by Tosca Lee.

   My thoughts of the book:   It took me back to C.S. Lewis' book The Screwtape Letters and instead of this being a letter it was a first person account from the fall of Satan to Creation to fall of Man to the Birth of Christ and His death and resurrection.   It really made you think a lot of how Satan and Demons work against God in our lives.   The battles that we face is not a physical as it is a Spiritual one.

    The book was excellent in that aspect, but then the ending left me saying huh?   Is that it?  I am wondering if there will be a spin off to this book.

    I will have some exciting news coming to this blog really soon!

God bless,