Tuesday, March 18, 2014


     Have you ever got caught up in the hoopla of a long awaited book by an author?   Have you read the ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) reviews of the book?  Excitement builds and you just can't wait to get your hands on the book and you even have it on your calendar to remind you when this book will be released. 

     The day arrives either you pre-order it for your reading device or through your local bookstore or you even received an ARC Copy of the book for your honest opinion.  It  comes in the mail;  you wake up to download the book on your reading device or on your lunch hour you rush to get the book at your local bookstore.  You start reading it and you try for three days to get into this book.  It starts in a downward spiral and you are just not feeling this book.  It is a struggle to finish, but you don't want to quit reading it, but things go from bad to worse.   Reluctantly, you find yourself giving up on the book and putting it down.  It is time to move on to something else.

     Now comes the time for you to write a review for this book.  How do you write a not so good review without bashing the author?  How do you say you don't like this book without bad mouthing the author?  These are some of the questions I find myself asking about a particular book and the author too.  I am encouraged through speaking with others about the book that this was not their favorite book by this particular author, but they like her other works.

     How would you approach this without totally not only being negative about the book, but also about the author too.  Do you sometimes put the book down walk away from it and only to pick it up later and look at it again with "fresh" eyes to see if you can get into the book again only to realize it was not as bad as you first thought.  Have you gone back and edited a review that you posted, because you have jumped to conclusions and only discovered a gem in the rough.

    Have you ever walked away from a book?   Why?   Have you ever went back and picked it up again?