Monday, August 18, 2014


I am back from my hiatus.  I have not left my resolution of exploring new and "new to me authors".  I am still exploring different genres and discovering what I really like and what is not my favorites.

I will be posting more and exciting reads on my blog.  I will have not only a Christmas book review and even a children's book too!  I do hope everyone has had a great summer and looking forward to school and college starting.  I had a great summer visiting family that I have not seen in a long time.  Also, it was a bitter sweet time saying goodbye to some dear friends after 24 years of great times, laughs and just spending time together.

I have really had to step back and reevaluate some of my schedule.  I had to cram in so much to read.  Biggest lesson learned:  I don't have to say yes to everything that comes along and I must pace myself.  So, there might not be a lot of stuff on my blog, but it will be at my pace and what I can read in the allotted time so that I can give the best reviews and not be so rushed with things.

If you have any questions about the books that I have read and not clarified in my reviews and you want to know more just let me know.  Also, if the author is new to you and want my input just ask and I will try to answer them.

I know I have been reading Quilts of Love Series a lot, but I am finding it to be great reads.  This is a series that is not a series and I am enjoying the fact that no matter where you start each book is a stand alone book.  So, my first review this month is a Quilts of Love Series book.  I think after this one I will be looking for something new to read.

If you are a new reader welcome and if you have been reading my blog and checking my blog out and wondering where I have been ...... well I AM BACK!!!!!

God bless,