Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Hi!  Here is hoping all who read and follow my blog have had a great Thanksgiving.  This is the very first year that my parents and I did not spend Thanksgiving at home.  We decided this year to spend Thanksgiving in Nashville, TN instead of at Christmas time in Nashville.

So, since I am an avid reader and have just been introduced to Historical Christian Fiction and I must say am thoroughly enjoying it.  I had never read Tamera Alexander's books and last year read the book To Whisper Her Name.  The era is Civil War and the setting for this book is Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville, TN.  I also read her book A Lasting Impression and again the era is the Civil War and the setting is Belmont Mansion in Nashville, TN.  As I read the books and discovered that we were going to Nashville, TN for Thanksgiving then that made me really excited, I planned our trip in advance and we were able to visit Belle Meade Plantation and Belmont Mansion.  The history behind these places are amazing and the men and women that ran the day to day business and social functions at both mansions amazes me.  I do plan to read these books again from fresh eyes since visiting these places now.

This is a rare opportunity to let you see the woman behind the writing of the blog Caffeinated Christian Raves - N - Reviews.  This is me with the sign advertising Tamera's book To Whisper Her Name in the gift shop of Belle Meade Plantation.

Here are a few goodies that I purchased while on my trip to Nashville, TN.  Of course, once our tour of Belmont Mansion was finished and I was in the gift shop I could not pass up purchasing the second book in the Belmont Mansion series.   My favorite thing to collect are postcards.  So, I purchased postcards from Belle Meade and a history booklet about Belle Meade Plantation.  I purchased a pictorial and history booklet from Belmont.  Oh yeah, I could not pass up the second book in the Belmont Mansion series either.