Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tamera Alexander’s To Win Her Favor Blog Tour and Kindle Giveaway

To Win Her Favor (Zondervan, May 2015)
A gifted rider in a world where ladies never race, Maggie Linden is determined that her horse will become a champion. But the one man who could help her has vowed to stay away from thoroughbred racing forever.
An Irishman far from home, Cullen McGrath left a once prosperous life in England because of a horse racing scandal that nearly ruined him. He’s come to Nashville for a fresh start, hoping to buy land and begin farming, all while determined to stay as far away from thoroughbred racing as possible. But starting over proves harder than he’d wagered, especially when Maggie Linden’s father makes him an offer he shouldn’t accept yet cannot possibly refuse.
Maggie is certain that her mare, Bourbon Belle, can take the top purse in the inaugural Peyton Stakes, the richest race ever run in America. Maggie only needs the chance to prove it. To give her that chance—and to save Linden Downs from being sold to the highest bidder—Maggie’s father, aging, yet wily as ever, makes a barter. His agreement includes one tiny, troublesome detail—Maggie must marry a man she’s never met. A man she never would have chosen for herself.

Tamera Alexander is a best-selling novelist whose deeply drawn characters, thought-provoking plots, and poignant prose resonate with readers. Having lived in Colorado for seventeen years, she and her husband now make their home in Nashville Tennessee, along with their two adult children who live near by. And don’t forget Jack, their precious–and precocious–silky terrier.

MY REVIEW OF THIS BOOK:  WOW is all I have to say about the book To Win Her Favor.   Once again Tamera Alexander draws you into the lives of people who live and work at Belle Meade Plantation.   The setting for this book takes place at Linden Downs.   The story picks up after the Civil War and the south is attempting to rebuild after losing the war.   Emotions are running high and racial tensions are at an all time high.   Tamera did an excellent job at putting these issues at the forefront of this book.

Join Tamera as she takes a journey to the past where the South is rebuilding after the Civil War and where racial tensions are running high even toward immigrants especially the Irish.   Go on a journey where families are losing their farms, homes and livelihood. How do you pick up the pieces of shattered dreams?   How do you leave all that you have known and move?   How do you deal with the thoughts of losing your home, land and everything that you own?   How do you deal alone with the possibility of losing your father?   These are the things that Maggie Linden is facing unless she can come up with a plan to save her farm.

Her father sees a different plan and arranges a marriage so that they can keep Linden Downs and stay in the only home Maggie has known.    There is one thing that she has only found out that the man that she is marrying is Cullen McGrath an Irishman.   Will Maggie be able to put aside her prejudices and learn to love Cullen?   Will she be forced to sell Bourbon Belle?   Will she be able to realize her dream of racing Bourbon Belle and winning?   What is Maggie and Cullen hiding from each other?  Will they learn to love each other and put prejudices aside and grow together?   Come open up the pages of this book and find the answers in this read.

MORE THOUGHTS OF THIS READ:  Has a read ever grabbed your attention and drawn you into a book so much that you cannot put it down?   Has a read ever made you so desperate to see the place or places mentioned in the book?   Tamera Alexander did just that with the first book in the Belle Meade Plantation Series:  To Whisper Her Name.   My parents and I usually go to Nashville every Christmas and do exactly the same thing every year. So, this year we went to Nashville for Thanksgiving.  So instead of doing the same thing every year we decided to take two Historical Tours and one was visiting Belle Meade Plantation.  The other was to visit Belmont Mansion.  Once we walked into Belle Meade Plantation it was if the words from the Belle Meade Plantation book just spoke to you.   The second in the series was even more special, because I could picture everything.  This is another great read.

Can Maggie prove that her mare, Bourbon Belle, can take the top purse in the inaugural Peyton Stakes, the richest race ever run in America? Find out in Tamera Alexander's To Win Her Favor. To give her that chance—and to save Linden Downs from being sold to the highest bidder—Maggie must marry a man she's never met. A man she never would have chosen for herself.

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